Constructive Recommandations
1st Theme: "The Third World"
Reproduction with friendly allowance of the Caritas and "Brot für die Welt" (bread for the world) 2001

The so called "Third World":

The problems are well known: Poorness, hunger, wars, epidemics, the destruction of the nature, high grade unemployment, overpopulation, dictatorchip, depression, misery and sorrow.

Many people are willing - and able - to help. But, what shall we do in order to make a longterming solution of the problems?

Shall we spent some money for relief organizations? May it be really so simple to be successful?


People in the so called Third World have been always living in harmony with the nature. The conditions of living were much better outside of Europe  on principle. The climate was warmer, people didn´t need firm houses and nearly no clothes. The plentiful vegetation spared the agriculture, The opulence of wild animals always offered hunters rich outputs. People hadn´t to work hard to secure their survive. Peolpe were free of antiquated Christian duties, rassism was unknown. And so the Indians cared about artificial birth controll already already more than 1.000 years ago by using the contraceptive effects of different plants.

But the delightful live of people ended, when Christian conquerers and missionaries from Europefaelt into their country and forced their live style "ora et labora" (pray and work / suffer) to the inhabitants. The plentiful vegegation was cleared, and people had to make agriculture since that time in order to secure their livelihood. They had to make a lot of children who were forced to become slaves of the Europeans.

Naturally people of the so called Third World are not less intelligent than Europeans. At the one side they succeeded to free themselves from the European colonial exploitation and guardianship. But at the other side the countries of the so called "Third World" are still injured and exploited. Who can the offence?




Products of the so called Third World can be get by dumping - prices. Today coffee is often cheaper than 30 years ago.

The oil sheiks restrained succesfully already. The verified and used their power during the last decades. But it was not failed to do so by a lot of goods of the so called Third World. The reason is surely that the countries of the so called Third World are often are disputing among each other too. A lot of countries still suffer by the neo - colonial dependance.

Who can the so called Third World countries oppose against Europe and North America at all? They so called Third World uses its potential it has gotten, namely people. A lot of children shall bring much political power, a power which can be used worldwide. The impuls to emigrate is always rising up in the poor countries, and people of the so called Third World like to come to the rich industrial countries because of hope for a better live. Can we notice now the turning round of the old colonial desire to conqier? Do people of the so called Third World want to take revange for the European violence their forefathers had to suffer? You may not refuse this impression. The racism of white people caused the cheauvinism of the black men. An escaltion of this trend can be seen.

But mankind should have same interests.  We all want to live in welfare and worthy of a human being. I think it can be possible to find a rational solution, if all partners prove their good will?

Fair prices for the goods and services of the the so called Third World instead of charities, called development assistance. The industrial states should no longer hinder imports of the so called Third World. Nutrition of the surplus produktion of the industrial states shall not be given to the so called Thrid World for dumping prices! Qualified jobs have to offer in the so called Third World. Work has been brought to people but not reverse.

2. Theme: The industrial states

The natural growing of population could been stopped in most industrial states till today. Indeed nearly each industrial state has got a low growing of population - the Federal Republic of Germany too -, but thaat´s only caused by immigrants.

The pression of immigration will become much higher in future and will prevent the necessary reduction of the overpopulation also in the industrial states. A lot of people in the industrial fee themselves to threatend by the rising number of foreigners. At the otherside there are people who stand for immigration in order to compensate the waste of native people.

Experiences of the past verify that the integration of immigrant can be successfull indeed. So a lot of French Hugenotts immigrated from France to Prussia - 20 % of the inhabitants of Berlin were Frenchmen in former days. Well known is the mass imigration from Poland to the Ruhr - district about 100 years ago, during nearly only high qualificated specialists came from Ireland. The integration of this people into our society of today. It´s sure you cannot transmit this matter to oresent time, because the immigrants were really need by the new prosperung German Reich, as well as specialist and the mass of simple workers.

But times have changed. Foreign citizens still don´t only make "simple and dirty works" native people do not want to do at all. When I got my examen of junior high school in 1975 there was really no foreigner in my age - group. But today there are turkish lwayers, doctors, scientist etc.. A lot of Germans regard them to be an unwelcome rivalry...

Immigration and emmigration are no solution to solve intern ethnic and national problems principially. But both is senseful and useful, because an international exchange of people, cultures and ideas can answer a purpose for everybody. But we will do nobody a favour to allow his immigration in our country, during we are not able so sure his basic of existence. Controlls and laws for immigration are necessary like they are normal in the classic immigration countries like the USA, Canada and Australia for decades.

But at first we ´ve to think about what we want at all. Shall the descendants of today´s Turkish people ne Turks or Germans? ...or may be it will be the same to be a German or a Turk? It seems to be that the state of Turkey is not really happy about the emigration of Turkish people, because Turkey fears that the emigrants will get lost for the Turkishdom. It would be necessary to find a consence.

But it would be inhuman to look upon Turks and other immigrants as a compensation for our own declining German population. Our state already improves its own incapacity more tha enough.