Children and Religion


First "holy communion" in 1965.

My parents forced me to take part.

The right of religious self - determination of children - but also of grown ups - is sabotaged.

We have to respect this theses, if we want to educate children to becoma liberal citizens with sense of responsobility. But can we get it at all? Children are always affected by strange influences they cannot evade. Often children grow up in an unfriendly milieu, but the can and must learn to stand awful indoctrinations..
Often paents are not qualified to discus complexive religious themes with their children. But it would be fatal to neglect this theme. With the follwing discussion between a child and his father - surely free invented - I want to take your fear away.

CHILD Hallo daddy, would you please have a few minutes times for me?
FATHER Surely, what´s going on?
C I ´m so unsure, I have to solve a big problem.
F Oh, you can be honest.
C Please don´t become angry.
F Oh, please say what you want to say!
C Grandma had taken care of me recently, when you and hother visited Bavaria one week. I don´t know whether grandma had told you, but one time we have visited a church.
F Did you like it?
C Ooh, it was really interting. The beautiul multicolored glas windows, the burning candles and the smell of insence..
F anythin more?
C Yes. Grandma told me something about God. God who has created the universe and men. And God loves everybody of us!
F And now want want to get to know more matters?
C Yes. There are so many churches in our town.
F Besides them there are some smaler mosques and a synagogue.
C But what´s the matter with God? You and ma tell always that their is no God. .
F I see, we have to start with the beginning. Do you remember when we visited the mmuseum of the Neanderthal last year?
C Oh yes, the man of the stone age. They had got stone - axes an lived in holes.
F Sure, but men don´t exist for al very long time on the world. 100.000 years ago the development of men started. We me cannot do anything in a perfect way, but we make a little bit of everything. And so we could take over the leaderchip of the world.
C The men? ...perhaps God instead of them?
F No! People became more and more intelligent during the time. Intelligent men look at their surroundings and the nature and ask questions. Silly persons never ask questions.
C Who asks has the right to get answers!
F But in former times there were a lot of questions cannot be answerdes, because there wasn´t still science and and researches.
C But also today the sience can answer all questions.
F Correct. Why did the flash of lightning striked at the house of farmer Huber and not at the neighbour house last week?
C No idea!
F Toss - up! But at any rate science can describe the reasons of thunderstorms and how the rise.
C ...and in former times?
F People created Gods in order to find explanations - for thunderstorms, earth - quakes, natural catastophes and so on. People simply said: God has done and wanted it! God was respinlible for everything you couldn´t define in a serious way.
C Oh, men created God? The opposite way ist rigt?
F You are right. You must see that the different religions have got a lot of different Gods.
C But Christians, Moslems and Jews belief in the same God!
F That´s true at all. But there are still a lot of different religions, the Germanic, the Romanic, and the Greece religions, and besides them there are Indianic and Africanic religions and so on.
C Can it be false to belief in God?
F Religious beliefe shold not be awful in each case. But the problem rised up when some people noticed that they could use the mioghty power of the Gods for their own awful porposes. So the churches came up.
C But churches do a lot of good thing for people.
F The churches do so in order to make sympathies for themselves by people. In reality the churches are not interested people´s welfare. The churches made wars during the last 2000 years committed genocids, brought men into slavery and exploit them in a very shameless way. The blackmaild money of former times still belongs to the church till today. Principially nothing have chnaged!
C Hey? The pope wants to make a war? That´s not right!
F The technice has become more eleganter today. The rich churches posses a lot of chares of firms who are producing war - materials. The churches earn money by every war. Besides them the politics of the churches sponsors and provocs wars..
C But the churches are praying charity - the opposite!
F Love is neccessary and honest, but only love does not be sufficient to secure tehe benefice of mankind.
C ...and besides them?
F Men have to change their behaviours, they must lear to get respect to each another and to the nature. The most important thing is birth control, because the earth cannot stand any sum of men.
C Aah, that´s the why I ´ve got only one sister.
F Let´s see. We wanted only one chils at all. But it is very important that people stop multiplication.
C But the world is big enough!
F No. A lot of regions of the earth are still destoyed. Daily one kind of animals dies out. The poles melt away becaus the climate becomes too hot. We ´ve got millions of unemployed men, the energy will become short, poiltical ultras will get more power an so on.
C Why are the churche so silly to tolerate this?
F The churches don´t respect themselves to be stupid. The churches want to get more and more power. Therefore they want to get a lot of new members to support the churches. That´s why the churches want a lot of children.
C But the behaviour of the churches is very risky.
F The churches know that the big time of religions has been passed. At all there was founded an freetinker - organization of formes Muslims. The different churches are regarded more or less from this development. It is suspicious that the churches put up with the destruction of the world, because churches have no  chance to exist  any for a long time.
C Like the Japanes kamikaze pilots during the Second World War? That´s terrific!
F Yor compare is very good. The churches make wors of martyr for 2000 years.
C That´s very awful. But let us answer the main question. The tennis club also macht public relation for the sport in order to get more members. What´s wrong therefore?
F Nothing, because people join the tennis club in a voluntary way. And if theay wan, they can leave the tennis club at all time. That´s the difference to the churches. People were christianized as they are children and the churches do not respect somebody who wants to leave the church.
C But I cannot understand why our state tolerates such behaviour of the churches.
F The churches have got a lot of power even against the state. So the churches can unrestraint disregard law and order till today. That ´s beginning by relatively harles thins, like the belling of churchs bells.
C But what can we do?
F Everybody of us can act. WE have to do our work at the beasic of the people. A Christian society doesn´t exist in our country for a long time.
C ...but an atheistic society?
F No. We want a multicultural society who gives the right to live in his own way. Therefore some rules have to be respected, like at baseball. Otherwise the systhem will not work.
C ..and the churches don´t think so?
F No, the churches want to rule only after their own manner. THey want to rule when you are allowed to go to the supermarket or they forbid you to visit the circus entertainment on Good Friday. They want to rule all your live!
C But you don´t respect the rules of the churches...
F Surely. And more and more men are thinking so. We are on the rigt way.
C Aah. I think I ´ve to reflect a lot of thing.
F Let´s do it, my son. It will be usefull!