Hostility against Children
Repro with friendly allowance of "Brot für die Welt" 2001



Poeople of the so called "Third World" do mostly have a lot of children.

But most of them are hungry, the medical equipmement is poor, and most children cannot go to school and will not get a good job in their later lives. A lot of children were forced to work or were misused by prostitution. Some were forced to become soldiers and to die in a war.
Those children don´t have a chance in their live to live a better living.

...but there´´s really anybody who blames people of the so called "Third World" to make hostility against children!


The Nazis wanted to get aus much children as pssible, contraception was strictly forbidden.

But their children should be pure - bred Arian, and soulh biult up the Third Reich by bloody wars. The children of our picture on the left side should become the master minds of future in order to repress other peoples and cultures..

<<<The " Hitlerjugend" (Hitler´s Youth) are playing in a happy way

...but there´s really anbody who blames the Nazis to make hostility against children!



The churches want as much children as possible to be born. Contaception is only allowed by certain reservations.

The churches want to preserve and rise up their old power. Therefore they need as much new members as possible, who will assistant the churches not only by paying money.

Parants are obligated to Christianing their children by the church - laws. You cannot cancel the membership in the church in your later live.

The churches want to indoctrinate children in kindergartens and schools and want them to become conformed and lacking will - power subjects. Children are forced to pray and to practice religious exercises.


<<< on top : Inscriptions at the evangelical Hose of the Parish Recklinghausen - South (Kinder sind eine Gabe des Herrn = Children are presents of God)
<<< below : Communion 1965 of the catholic parisch St Marien in Wanne - Eickel

...but there ´s really anybody who blames the churches to make hostility against children!

At the beginning of the 19th century the Germans normally had got a lot of children. The very new Germa Imperium should be built, the German spirit should be spleed over the world in the new German colonies in whole parts of the world.

But the live was reaaly bad for children at that time. The education was very strict and authoritarian. Physical punishment was quite normal. Criticel thinking was not wanted, discipline, submission and industry were the ideals of education.
Children of families from the lower clas had to work often.

<<< 100 years ago we had a lot of children. But were they happy?

...but there´s is really anybody who blames our forfathers to make hostility against children!

Durig the 1950s the GDR (East - Germany) was the only country of the world with declining population. But this matter was only caused by emigration.
In order to prevent the declining of the population, the wall was built, but further than very strict politics of excess of birth was made. The economy needed the work of women and so family and job should become compatible for people
Today we all have to suffer the wrongdoing. The unemployment of the GDR is much higher aus in West Germany.
But what should be happen to the lot of GDR - children? They should become uncritical subjects of their socialistic fatherland. Surely the children could get a certain social security, but what´s the matter with al living in freedom?

...but there´s really anybody who blames the GDR to make hostility against children!

Today the Germans only have relative less children.

But most of the children are living in welfare and ´ve got a good fortune. They have got mobile telephones, designer- clothes, computer - games, mopeds and so on. It´s surely true that children of social welfare receivers and unemployed people have to be more modest. But the basic neccessaries are quitely secured FOR EVERY CHILD: Nutrition, a flat, medical equipment and a good school - education.
But there are not only material values. The education of children at school and fatherhaus has become much more liberal. If you copare it to older times and to the most other countrties of the world, the Federal Republic of Germany is a true paradise for children.

<<< Public relation poster of the governement to make children

...but our society is said to have hostility against children!

At least, how can we explain this contradiction?

There is no objective reason for the thesis, the German society would have got hostility against children. The suppuse hostility against children is nothing more than an invention of rassitic politicians, rassistic organizations and churches in order to suggest people a bad conscience because of the poorness of the number of children.

Therefore the Nazis hab been more sincere and serious, when they told people that they need a lot of children for their new and powerful Reich!