How many Children do we need?
August, 4th 2005 at 10.41h
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Only less than five years have been passed. I took this very new photo on May 11th, 2010 at 11.10 h.

The population of the earth was been growing since the last 5 years abot 379.474.747 men. That makes more than the population of the USA!

The demographic time - bomb is ticking...
Most people ignore this counter for the world´s population which is to be seen for some time in Wuppertal Elberfeld. The population of the world rose about more than 1.500 people during only ten minutes.
Overpopulation and increase of population are only a problem of strange people, but we German have got to less children... But is that true at all?


The German states were very prolific in history. At least in the year of 1972 the naturel increasing of population stopped.
But France reached this aim already during the 1930s.

Today the Germans respresent by 90 millions men the most biggest ethnic group of Europe. Besides them there are about 10 millions of ethnic Germans, especially in the Eastern part of Europe and in the former Sowjetunion.


200 years ago there were 20 millions of Germans and 30 millions Frenchmen.
But today there are 90 millions of Germans and 60 millions of Frenchmen.
While the population of France doubled the population of Germany quadrupled. during the last 200 years.

But the numeral mightyness of Germans will not threaten the coming European Union, because the Germans are not a homogeneous group, and the German patriotism is normally poor.
But at the other side the story goes the Germans would be a dying out people because of the low birth - rate. This is not only said by reactionary groups.
The revenue insurance should be threatened, the systhem of social welfare would be ruined and the avergae age of people would rose.
...but is that true?

When the revenue insurance was introduced during the time of Kaiser Wilhelm more than 100 years ago, there were other conditions of living than today. The revenues were low and secured only the minimum substistence level. People got their revenues when they werte quite old and had only a few more years of living. The economy of the rising up German Reich needed a lot of workmen paying revenue - fees. So the revenue - system worked.
But times changed, nothin is the same. Today people will often work till they are old. Men who recieve early retirement are sometimes younger than students. About 5 millions of unemployed men do not pay fees for the revenue - insurance.

The old systhem of the revenue - insurance bases upon growing - but there is no unlimited gowing!
The children of today are only possibly the fee payers of the revenue insurance of tomorrow because of the economical unsteadiness. But they are surely the rentiers of the day after tomorrow.
The reveue systhem has to be reformed.

less children = less unemployed people.
less unempoyed people = more money for rentiers
...and long - termed: less children = less rentiers

Praying for the holiday - park...

The materialism overcomes religion. In former times children were forced to pray for their soul.

Stop, you may remark, children to be an urgent part of the economy. A lot of money will be spent for children. Childen are known to be pretentious. They want to get mobiles, mopeds etc.. If we ´ve got more children, we would need more teachers, kindergartners, nutrition, tolls, and clothes and so on for children. So we could get more jobs.

...but is that true at all? It does not depends from the number of children ho much money we can spent, but it depens from the sume of money we ´ve got.
We can secure a poor income for many children, but it will be better to secure a better income and living for less children by the same money.

We can choose!

The average age of the population has been risen up during the last decades in fact, but this matter was caused by the better medical treatment, less risk of accident and naturally the finally pacified Europe.
We sholud accept this fact and we should be glad that we have the chance to grow old in healthyness today. Old people have to be integrated into the society and economical systhem in abetter way. The working time of live has to be extended in future.
But the decline of the birth rate is not responsible for the super - annuation of people, besides them the children of today will be old one day, too.

a lot of children = a lot of old people

The increasing of mechanization and rationalization of ur industry and agriculture since the 19th centure, later also service - firmes and administration, made physical human work superfluous more and more. We don not need any more a lot of simple workers doin simple and unqualificated works, but relatively less experts.

This clever poster keeps secret that we ´ve got today more employed people than in 1963.

But everybody knows that there were only 200.000 unemployed persons in 1963.

We could enjoy the famous German economical boom of the 1950s till today, if the governements woldn´t had make such a poitics wich caused such excess of birth.

a lot of children = a lot of unemployed people

<<< 5 millions of men without a job
poster of the last election contest for the FR German parliament

But mustn´t it be the task of every people to keep his substance?

By fact there will be half as much Germans as today 100 yeras later. But would that be worse? Let´s have a look at German history. The population of the earth grow only slowly till the year of 1850 when the population reachend one billion people instead of a low biirth rate. Besides there were often periodes of declining of population caused by wars, epidemics and hunger. This fate was also suffered by Germany, which lost half of their population during the 12th century. But we German didn´t dying out at all...

But today there are surely other reasons for the German decrasing of population as during the 12th century. Even the number of Germans will halfed during the next 100 yeras, there will not be a compensation. Why should it be? 30 millions of Germans are more than enough.

But what will be happen later? Perhaps the population will further decrase so that the danger of a dying out people can become true... Surely, that´s no problem of today, but we may not ignore it nevertheless. Our goverment has introduuced bearing premiums in order to let people produce more children. I doubt that such a politics can be agreeable mit the dignity of men. Joseph Goebbels, Secreatary of propaganda of the German Nazi Reich said: "There may not be economical impediments to bear children. Confirmed bachelors have to pay high special taxes. It may not exist moralic obstructions." So Goebbels thougt about the reintroduction of polygamy.

Before practising methods of such doubtful kind we sholud accept the dying out of our beloved German people. Mankind will to get over this loss surely.